where did you see it; why did you choose it; what was your initial reaction?

Visual analysis assignment, due Thursday, February 10, at 11:59 PM.
For this assignment, you will write at least a 1-page visual analysis of a work of art that you observe in person in the UA Fine Arts Gallery, the Joy Pratt Markham Gallery at the Walton Arts Center, or Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art in Bentonville. As a last resort, you may use a work from your textbook, but you should attach a note to your assignment explaining why you were unable to view a work in person.
Preparing for the assignment:
Visit one of the exhibitions listed above (or another pre-approved exhibition).
Choose a work.
Decide on an adjective to describe the work, such as inspiring, sad, hopeful, joyful, distressing, peaceful, etc.
Take detailed notes, including the artist, title, date, medium or materials, and size of the work.
Take a photo to study later.
Take a selfie to prove you saw the work in person!
Change your adjective into an active verb to express what the artwork does. For example, “the work displays grief;” “the painting evokes chaos;” “the composition, lighting, and colors of this photograph suggest confidence or uncertainty…”
Determine three elements of art and/or principles of composition/design that support your descriiption (see Getty Center handout distributed in class, which is also available on Blackboard in the Chapter 2 folder).
Introduce the work
where did you see it; why did you choose it; what was your initial reaction?
give identifying details in this format: Artist, Title (italicized), date. Medium, size.
Write a thesis statement: what does the work do, how (using which elements), why is the work important or what does your analysis show (what did you learn?).
Elaborate on your supporting points in a separate paragraph(s). Be sure to explain again how they support your “adjective” or “theme.”
Focus on the formal or visual elements and what they DO. Avoid guessing at the subject matter or meaning, unless your visual elements directly support the content. For this assignment, do not compare works.
Sample excerpt:
Aaron Turner’s work, Sam & Nia, San Antonio, TX, 2017, a 38 x 40-inch Inkjet print on cotton sateen fabric communicates the trust and understanding between child and parent (what) through the repetition and rhythm of forms, the silhouetted emphasis, and the captured movements (how: 3 principles). The silhouettes within the cropped frame focus the viewer’s attention on the exchange between the two figures. We see movement in the repetition of forms, as well as the slight shift in the angle of the camera.
(insert: elaboration of details)
(so what:) These photographs connect with the viewer who may have experienced a similar moment. They present in slow motion a delicate exchange between adult and child that might otherwise pass quickly. Through close visual analysis, the viewer can observe how the artist carefully framed the movements to show a progression from anticipation to resolve
Important notes:
Be sure to include the details of the work: Artist, Title (make sure to italicize the title), date. Medium/materials, size;
Use 12-point font, double space, with 1-inch margins;
Include a proper heading with your name, course, date, assignment and/or essay title;
Include a selfie as proof of your visit (paste it onto your word document); or explain why you could not visit one of the galleries;
Write in your own complete sentences. Organize your points in paragraphs with main ideas; and

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