What is your perception of the sexual double standard today?

Learning Goal: I’m working on a communications writing question and need an explanation and answer to help me learn.The original sexual double standard meant that women should not have sex before or outside of marriage, yet the same behavior was permissible for men. The authors say the double standard has changed, but it still exists today. What is your perception of the sexual double standard today?According to the authors of your textbook, attitudes toward nonmarital sex have changed dramatically over the past few decades. About 60 percent of adults of all ages approve of engaging in sexual intercourse outside of marriage. Do you think this has changed our culture, perception of marriage, and/or cultural mores?Click on and watch the links below of episodes of Black-ish (link below). Pay attention to the parents, Dre and Bow, and their perceptions about the sexuality of their children, Junior and Zoe in the first clip. Do you notice any gender bias or the sexual double standard in the second clip? 300 word minmum – Junior and Zoe – Diane and Jack
Requirements: 300 words   |   .doc file

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