What is the relation between mind and body?

The essay main question is “Do you have a soul?”
What is the mind/body problem and why is it important?
What did at least 3 philosophers say about it in your readings?
What do you personally think about it?  Why or why not  I am not looking to see if you agree with this, but why.
In clearly written prose, using MLA citation format, write an essay that examines the mind-body problem from an abstract and a personal point of view. Avoid using personal pronoun reference, except where the examples given are personal. Make sure all sentences are complete and that the sequence of sentences and parts of the essay make good sense. Write broadly, but also give specific examples that illustrate your points.
You may and should use external sources to support elements of the paper.
Describe the problem and describe that philosophical position that comes closest to your view, such as one of several listed in our text:
● ‘dualist’ view (Rene Descartes)
● ‘materialist view’ (Thomas Hobbes)
● ‘identity view’ (J.J.C. Smart)
● ‘behaviorist view’ (Gilbert Ryle)
● ‘functionalist view’ (Hilary Putnam)
● ‘elimitative materialism’ (Paul Churchland)
Argue forcefully for the position, but also examine and respond to counter-arguments against that view.
Points to consider:
What is the relation between mind and body?
Are they two fundamentally different entities?
How do mind and body interact?
The Mind Body Problem, from School of Life

Cartesian Skepticism – Neo, Meet Rene: Crash Course Philosophy #5

Where Does Your Mind Reside?

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