What is selling well? Products, categories, etc

Learning Goal: I’m working on a advertising multi-part question and need an explanation and answer to help me learn.GA demo account – UA Google Merchandise store Master view Analytics Background The current time is January 2018 and our task is to analyze data from the whole 2017 year(time frame 01/01/2017 – 12/31/2017) to provide findings and recommendations to improve the outcomes of the Google Merchandise online store (Links to an external site.) (UA View #92320289 (Links to an external site.)). The website costs $1M/year to run (fixed costs, such as IT, management, warehouse, legal) and the average profit margin is 25% (i.e. for a $100 order in Revenue, the margin cost for that order is $75), before advertising expenses, which are variable. Assignment format: Please answer the questions one by one, with the relevant headers.
The end product should be quite close to a 500-700 words report for the CMO. This is meant to be fairly concise! Don’t repeat anything, except maybe in the recommendations part.
Round numbers, and omit cents for any number above 1000, except maybe for averages that might be multiplied
Do not use any secondary sources & no references needed
Be sure to use the same KPIs throughout!
Use screenshots for questions # 2, 3, 4, 5, 7 to enhance your diagnosis, but do not replace your written recommendations.
These reports might be especially useful:Audience > Overview (and Demographics, Geo, Technology, Mobile)
Acquisition > All Traffic > Channels; Don’t forget to drill down!
Conversions > Ecommerce > Overview
Also, creating segments for Customers (transactions per session > 0) and Non-customers could help.
Hints: Be sure to include ALL paid traffic, even the one where we don’t have the cost. use the same cost per session as where we have data.
Profit Margin in the background:
Determines the percentage of Revenue that is Profit.
Gross Profit = Revenue * Profit Margin
Net Profit = Gross Profit – Ad spend
In other words, if the Profit Margin is given to be 15%, it means that for every $100 in Revenue, we have $15 in Gross Profit. Now, subtract the Ad Spend (say $5) to get the Net Profit: $10.
Gross Profit = $100 *0.15 = $15
Net Profit = $15 – $5 = $10
Use the Google Analytics demo account UA Master View to find data points for your findings and recommendations based on the questions below. Executive Summary (50 – 70 words)
Engagement (50-70 words) – How engaged are the users? Are there some kinds (e.g. sources, or by demographics) of visitors that are more or less engaged than the average?
Top line numbers (50 – 70 words) – What are our top line numbers? Is the website profitable? (be sure to include the full advertising costs – see below).
Recommendations (75 – 100 words) – Based on your findings above, what are your top recommendations for this website?
Intro (background of your analysis) and Explanation and the issue at hand: Start by summarizing your research in one or two sentences to offer some background.
Then, states the very key numbers (a mix of raw data and your calculations). What are the top 3 KPIs could be used here based on the background? What are the secondary metrics?
The Executive Summary is not an introduction to “what this paper is about”. It’s a full summary of your results! Don’t keep the reader in suspense: state all important findings in it. Audience (75 – 100 words) – (HINT: Note that this usually comes at the top of the report, but here, you need to answer the questions above to answer part B) below.) Who are our users?
Who are our customers? (Remember: For this, go beyond the “male/female,” geo and device type reporting. Our customers are quite specific. Look in Audience and Acquisition. )
Sources (75 – 100 words) – Which traffic source performs the best? The worst? What about Social (be sure to drill down)?
Products (50 – 70 words) – What is selling well? Products, categories, etc
(HINT: here I inserted the screenshot with the answer, use sentences to describe the result) Ads (75 – 100 words) – Are our Ad Campaigns profitable?
(HINT: Breakdown by campaigns, keywords (in “Google Ads > Campaigns”) and devices type. For paid sources without a cost basis, assume the same CPC as the others (note that this might change the total Ad Spend!). Paid sources are the Channels Paid Search, Display and Affiliates. Note that the cost accounted for in GA is only for the Medium “cpc” – use the “Medium” report to find out the total advertising cost.)
Requirements: 700 words maximum   |   .doc file

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