What is free will?

Assignment: Are We Free to Choose?
Watch this TED Talk: The Dark Side of Free Will (Gregg Caruso) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rfOMqehl-ZA
Read this article: https://www.psychologytoday.com/us/blog/hide-and-seek/201402/the-problem-free-will-and-possible-solution
Then reflect on (answer) the following:
The argument over whether human behavior is based on free will or determinism began with Epicurus and has continued to be a subject of philosophical debate.
What is free will?
Do you believe that the choices you make are yours alone or that all you do is predetermined? Provide an example from your own life.
According to the sources and your own perspective, what are some of the benefits and detriments of a belief in free will?
While answering these questions/reflecting on this topic, you must also make at least one reference to the TED Talk and at least one reference to the article you read with citations. Do NOT use quotes. Do NOT use your textbook as a source. Paraphrase the content of the article and the talk in your own words. Must be formatted in APA style. You need a reference page.
Reference TED Talk as follows: Author last name, first initial (year, month). Title [Video]. TED Conferences. URL and use the author’s last name in the citation (e.g., Caruso).  This differs from the APA style a bit, but with six essays using TED talks, having TED as the references will take away from the ownership and work of the author. Please use this methodology in referencing TED Talks throughout the essays. This is different from  the new APA Style Guide but is my preference for ease of reading and grading. You will lose points in Essays #2-#6 for not following this guidance.
TIPS: You will want to define key terms (e.g., free will, determinism) by citing your sources. It is a good idea to introduce the topic and then use the sources to answer the questions. In order to get the highest grade, make sure to use specific examples from the sources that support your reflection (i.e., if you are discussing detriments of free will, you would cite a specific example used in the video).

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