Hello. You have to do a UK POLITICAL CRITICAL AND ANALYTICAL ESSAY. Read carefully the instructions, I will know if you don’t. Follow every step when planning and writing the essay. The question you have to address is: THE 1967 WAR IS REGARDED AS A PIVOTAL EVENT IN THE COURSE OF THE ARAB-ISRAELÍ CONFLICT. WHAT IMPACT DID IT HAVE ON BOTH THE “NATIONAL” LEVEL AND THE REGIONAL LEVEL.
Now, I’m going to explain how I want you to do the essay.
1- ORGANISATION: You have to clearly define and directly address this question and topic. The introduction must present a clear statement of the issues to be covered. The essay must have a clear structure or organization in which a) the main points are developed logically, and b) the relevance of the material to the theme or argument is clear. Besides, the conclusion must draw together the main points addressed and discussed in the introduction. It must be clear what the essay intends to do and the points it tries to defend. You must give a clear answer to the title question; WHAT IMPACT DID THE 1967 WAR HAVE ON BOTH THE “NATIONAL” LEVEL AND THE REGIONAL LEVEL? IT IS VERY IMPORTANT THAT each section of the essay must have a clear role in establishing your conclusion. DON’T JUMP BETWEEN TOPICS WITHOUT A CLEAR RATIONALE. Argue in a direct way, informed by background reading. You are encouraged throughout the essay, to rely on your argumentations, to use maps, tables, diagrams, and quotations (you can find some in the readings) , properly referenced. I can upload some of the ones you can use, but you can obviously use others you consider useful.
2-INDEPENDENCE: You have to point out an interesting flaw in an argument, or an interesting implication of a view; take an idea from one author and apply it to another; draw an interesting connection; explain a difficult point in an especially clear or helpful way; unpack an overlooked detail and show its importance and have a focus that isn’t simply drawn from the lecture content.
3- REFERENCING: You have to reference in a very accurate way, using the APA style. Besides when you reference in the text, put also the exact page where you found or rely on that information.
Be critical, analytical, follow the scholarship, independence and organisation guidelines, IT IS VERY IMPORTANT. For answering the political question YOU MUST use the compulsory readings which are: Milton-Edwards, B. (2009) The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict: A People’s War (Oxon/New York: Routledge), chapter 6 AND Milton-Edwards, B. (2009) The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict: A People’s War (Oxon/New York: Routledge), chapter 6. Then you have to read the other 7 readings I have uploaded. In total, you will have to use at least 9 readings. Besides, you have to use other readings you found accurate BUT AT LEAST YOU HAVE TO USE 9 READINGS OF THE ONES I UPLOADED.
PD: On the “Six Days, Fifty Years: The June 1967 War and its Aftermath” you don’t have to use all the chapters if you don’t consider to. Just select those or the chapter you consider can help you for your argumentation.
THINGS YOU MUST AVOID IN THE ESSAY: Defending a conclusion in ways that draw a bit too closely on what was said in the lecture notes. Showing grasp of only a rather limited amount of reading. Having a limited authorial voice of your own: just presenting a list of arguments/positions.
If you have any kind of doubt or questions, please ask me.

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