What are employers looking for in potential employees?

Career exploration is a learning process as you discover job opportunities, examine your own interests, and compare job requirements. One way to start discovering and planning for a career in healthcare is to conduct a job search. This search will allow you to see careers open in the current job market and learn about hiring companies. As you read through current job openings, compare the necessary career requirements, qualifications, and desired character traits to be
successful your career field of interest. That knowledge can help you set goals for education and degree programs, work on necessary certifications, and build your personal and professional skill set.
 Complete the assignment in 1 – 2 pages
o The reference page is not included in the 1 – 2 page content length.
 Provide a reference page at the end.
o Use APA formatting guidelines to reference each job.
o There should be five complete references (one for each job listing).
1. Find 5 job listings/ads for a health career you are interested in pursuing.
 Look for detailed job listings that describe qualifications.
 These can be found through internet job searches, company websites, etc.
2. List the 5 jobs searched including the following information: the title of each
position, the employer or hiring company, the location of the job, and the type of
department or facility
 Example:
Job 1: Registered Nurse; Local Hospital Name; Lynchburg, Virginia; Emergency
3. Read through each job listing, thoroughly. Following the list, type a good summary of what you found in your job search. Detail qualifications needed to apply and discuss similarities or unique preferences found in qualifications, skills, and character traits.
What are employers looking for in potential employees?
Note: Your assignment will be checked for originality via the Turnitin plagiarism tool
(This is not part of the instructions but I want to note that I live in Atlanta, GA so if you can please use this as an area of reference )

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