utilized throughout the term when we discuss patient-centered goals

**For this assignment, you must write 5 SMART goals (3 professional, 2 personal goals) and write a paragraph at the end on how you will obtain these goals. One paragraph about all of the goals. You must have an APA title page and goals can be numbered 1, 2, 3, 4 etc if you’d like. Must be double spaced. No reference page needed unless you use references. References are not required for this assignment.
This week we venture into learning how to write S.M.A.R.T. goals. This will be utilized throughout the term when we discuss patient-centered goals(Planning phase of the nursing process).
Here is what the S.M.A.R.T. acronym stands for:
Specific– Know exactly what you need to accomplish and what you hope to gain from doing so, whether it’s simply finishing a paper, writing a personal statement for an internship or scholarship application or finishing some research for a larger project.
Measurable– Make sure you can easily evaluate whether or not your goal was met and how beneficial it ultimately was to you.
Achievable– Be realistic when setting goals. This can help you avoid missing deadlines and getting behind, as well as giving you a more accurate overview of how much time you have to invest in other tasks throughout the week.
Results-Focused– Have very clear, distinct outcomes for meeting your goals, and hold yourself to them.
Time-Bound– Set a deadline for each goal or, for more complex tasks with multiple steps, establish deadlines for each major stage of the process.
I will achieve at least a ‘B+’ average throughout the duration of my BSN Program by (expected graduation date).
I will schedule NCLEX success coach meetings at least three times per term during my Spring I 2021 term.
I will exercise at least 30 minutes/3days per week throughout the BSN program to help maintain my mental health.
I will eat at least one meal per day with my family to ensure that I maintain a well balanced education to family like throughout my journey at West Coast University.
I will join the CNSA at West Coast University by the end of Spring I 2021.
Make your goals ORIGINAL and PRIORITIZED to what you think you need to work on/achieve professionally

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