the letter should be a collection of spiritual, psychological, historical and/or scholarly “advice”

After watching visual album, write a 750-word letter to the protagonist.
The letter should be from your perspective as an omniscient person who knows the future of the protagonist, but you are writing to the protagonist BEFORE the events of the visual album. You cannot tell protagonist their future nor can you give them guidelines to change the future. Instead, the letter should be a collection of spiritual, psychological, historical and/or scholarly “advice” to assist the protagonist on their journey/ies.
You can think of yourself as an “ancestor,” “a time traveler,” “a god,” “a fan” or even “a dreamer” to position yourself as someone who knows all, but can’t tell all.
To write this letter, focus on concepts, themes, histories, etc. Remember, this is an exercise about creative analysis.
The letter must include:
3 “clippings” [not from the visual album] they can be music lyrics, art pieces, social media posts, memes, movie and tv scenes, personal photographs, etc. (if you don’t explain the clippings in-text, then make sure they have captions).
Information from 1 scholarly article about the novel and/or relevant themes that are you discussing [Make sure to cite your sources]. [For more info about scholarly sources —]
If you feel that your “advice” isn’t clear to me, your professor, please include footnotes that reference the part in the visual novel that would clarify your advice.

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