system of Infrastructure of Play (IOP)

Please make sure everything you write is within what’s in the abstract only
This research evaluates the system of Infrastructure of Play (IOP) within a house in apartments in Newcastle Australia built within 5 years, and shows how IOP can be better facilitated within existing and new apartments. To adapt to the changing living patterns of its occupants within time, where through the unfixed furniture (cabinets, partitions, beds, benches) in the house apartment it can be able to be modified and arranged in more intuitive and spontaneous ways to adapt to those changes within time.
The changes within time are: single-couple-having kids-grandparent come to visit-kids move out.
The research:
investigating and analysing the house floor plan in an apartment building based on IOP, then through the research on that to see whether or not IOP is possible to be a system in an apartment building and what are the possibilities. Some layout would not be suited for IOP and some would. Why is it not suited and why are some suited? the way they finish them? would it be easier if it’s a naked apartment where IOP can then be imbedded. Going to the developer and stopping at a stage to then make it easier for IOP to come in. (Make a case why IOP can work based on research not opinion words)
Naked apartment: where the apartment is enclosed from the outside, and structurally complete with its serving infrastructures(sewer-water-electric), but critically the fit-out of non-load-bearing walls, rooms, cabinets and benches are absent.
There are some possibilities in terms of the furniture layouts and some places, and then to design into that and show you what is possible in those situations, and for that picking a couple of case studies (floor plan of house in apartment building) concentrating on the Newcastle (and understanding their lifestyle).
Then methods of analyzing architecture spaces for an IOP Floor plan spaces (boundaries of the unit and the spaces inside nothing outside of that boundaries) to understand that the space on the other side of the entrance is different from the space adjacent to the toilet or the kitchen. The windows and doors, light, ventilation, dimensions
Like eating next to a window for natural light

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