Summarize the story of NohFocus on1. his relationship with his tribe

Learning Goal: I’m working on a writing project and need support to help me learn.Stories of the Quran class/Muslim courseWrite a reflection paper discussing the topics you learned in this class, as well as the impact of this class and the challenges you faced. Also note how the reading, the presentations, and the virtual classroom helped with your learning.Please include specific examples.This week we did presentations of the story of Adam and Awa and the prophet NOHWe focused on:Read the story of Adam and Hawaa.Summarize the story of Adam and HawaaFocus on 1. the story of the creation2. expulsion of Satan3. the story of the angelsThen we focused on:Summarize the story of NohFocus on1. his relationship with his tribe2. his relationship with his wife3. explain her disobedience to Noh, and explain how Islam punishes this act4. the concept of oneness 5.the story of the flood
Requirements: 3-4 page paper   |   .doc file

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