Show (min, max) constraints on all relationship types in your ER diagram.

Learning Goal: I’m working on a mysql project and need an explanation and answer to help me learn.Use the ER model that is described in our textbook. Show (min, max) constraints on
all relationship types in your ER diagram. If any part of the requirements is incomplete,
inconsistent, or ambiguous, make your own assumption and design a model based on this
assumption. Requirements :This database keeps academic information about degrees, courses, and students in a
The department offers multiple degree programs. For each degree program, we want to
store a unique degree code, a unique degree name, and a description. A student can
pursue only one master’s degree program at a time.
A degree program has a list of core courses and a list of elective courses. Each degree
program has exactly six core courses. To receive a master’s degree, a student must take
six core courses and four elective courses and the overall GPA must be 3.0 or above.
For each student, we want to store the unique student ID, the first name, the last name,
the degree program if pursuing (some students are enrolled as non-degree students), and a
concentration if declared (some students do not declare a concentration). For each
student, we also want to keep the transcript that has the list of courses the student has
taken, including the course he/she is taking in the current semester. For each course in the
transcript, we want to keep the term when it was taken (or is being taken) and the grade.
The valid grades are A, B, C, D, and F. If a course is being taken in the current term, the
grade will have a NULL value in the database. A “term” consists of a year and a
semester. There are three semesters in a year: Spring, Fall, and Summer. A student can
repeat a course to increase his/her overall GPA.
The department offers many courses. For each course, we want to store the unique course
number, the unique course name, and the course description. If a course has a prerequisite
course(s), we also want to store that information in the database.
Each degree program has a list of concentrations. Each concentration belongs to only one
degree program. Each concentration consists of core courses and elective courses. The
number of core courses and the number of elective courses vary among different
concentrations but the total number of courses required for each concentration is four. A
student can declare zero or at most two concentrations. For each concentration, we want
to store the unique concentration code, the unique concentration name, the description,
the list of core courses, and the list of elective courses.You must draw a diagram using a software (i.e., you must not draw an ER diagram
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