select the appropriate mental health diagnosis for the client

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Background information: Larry was referred by his aunt due to his problems in his relationship with his girlfriend. He reports that he has had concerns related to his girlfriend for several months now. He works at a moving company, but has been mainly focused on following his girlfriend instead of picking up work shifts. He has fallen behind on bills and rent. Larry has a history of military service in Iraq, and also shared being beaten and humiliated as a child by his biological father on a regular basis.
Click on “Reply” below and write two paragraphs:
1) In the first paragraph, select the appropriate mental health diagnosis for the client and briefly explain why you selected this diagnosis (in your own words, connect the DSM-5 criteria to the client’s symptoms). The diagnosis is from the chapters assigned for this week.
2) In the second paragraph, list all applicable conditions from DSM-5 that start on p. 715 (“Other Conditions that May Be a Focus of Clinical Attention”) AND provide a brief explanation for each condition you selected.
3) Please respond thoughtfully to at least two classmates. Don’t just agree or disagree with their conclusions, but reflect on your classmates’ observations and reasoning and clarify yours.
Please note that the post is graded based on your effort and explanation provided, regardless of whether you selected the correct diagnosis.

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