select a type of cultural music (folk, classic, traditional, popular) with which you believe you are deeply familiar with

For this assignment, you are to select a type of cultural music (folk, classic, traditional, popular) with which you believe you are deeply familiar with based upon personal experience within that particular culture. The goal is to reflect upon how culture impacts musical experiences, preferences, and identity.
The reflection/paper will be 2-3 pages (4-6 pages including cover page and references, if needed)
APA format
The paper should include:
a brief introduction to the culture itself
a descriiption of the music and the larger context in which it occurs
provide and discuss examples
discuss if music enhances practices or traditions associated within the culture you choose and/or vice versa
reflect upon the cultural influences which have impacted your life and cultural music awareness (this may include influences of family, work, school, activities, geographical region, etc.)
a conclusion to your reflection
**For more information regarding specific grading procedures, please see the Music Life History Reflection Rubric. -12 point font, double spaced, 1-inch margins, cover page including title, name, date, class, and teacher, and reference page (if needed).
-Brief introduction to the culture and specific type of music discussed.
-In-depth discussion of how music is used within the culture (traditions, practices) -Responses contain personal reflection and thought upon the influence of music within the culture and how that might have personal impact. -Examples of the influence of music on culture or the influence of culture upon music. These may be personal or generalized examples.
-A conclusion which pulls the paper together for a strong close. -If references were made to songs, poetry, movies, etc. Please cite them using APA 7th edition style guidelines.

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