Reply to the two posts from Shiasia Stanback and Jennifer Langbehn.

Reply to the two posts from Shiasia Stanback and Jennifer Langbehn. Each response should be a solid short paragraph, thoroughly address the topic, reflect the requirements for the assignment, and include substantial & significant content and ideas with 100-130 words.
Post 1. Shiasia Stanback
health disparities
I believe the undereducated and financially unstable have been the most effective by untimely death and preventable illness. Most of the people who fall into those two categories are minorities mainly of the African and Hispanic decedent.  African Americans still experience illness and infirmity at extremely high rates and have lower life expectancy than other racial and ethnic groups; They are also one of the most economically disadvantaged demographics in this country (Taylor 2019). Quality healthcare and prevention are more of a luxury currently. The lack of access to healthcare has left people to follow their own rules and just give up on the healthcare system completely. Health usually takes a backseat due to many reasons; one major reason is lack of insurance. African Americans usually see the doctor only during emergencies, which puts a strain on the emergency department.  Better healthcare promotion and access can help people get a better understanding of how the healthcare system is supposed to work. Diabetes, hypertension, and heart disease are preventable and easily managed with the right care team. Education plus health promotion can equal a decrease in preventable illness, however, minorities are lacking access to health education.
Post 2. Jennifer Langbehn
Maternal Health Disparities
According to the CDC, more than 700 (U.S.) deaths per year occur due to complications of pregnancy and birth, with a staggering two-thirds of those deaths occurring from preventable causes (CDC, 2021). Additionally, the CDC reports more than 50,000 pregnancy-related health problems- with potentially long-term implications- also occur in this country every year. In my experience as a doula in New York City, I’ve worked with hundreds of women from different educational backgrounds, ethnicities, and economic resources. If there is a universal complaint about their care in the current obstetric/medical model, it’s that they very often feel unheard and dismissed. What I notice as a birth professional and childbirth educator, is that it is impossible for providers to educate their patients in the rushed 7-minute prenatal visits which are standard. What information is shared may be incomplete and sometimes fear-based. For my clients with language barriers, or from groups that are historically underserved or discriminated against, communication and care are challenged at best, or nonexistent at worst. Further aggravating this effect is the practice of sending newly postpartum people home with little understanding of possible warning signs or complications, with instructions to return in six weeks; thus creating a chasm where there should be care.
For those with access, the gap may, fortunately, be filled by community paraprofessionals such as birth and postpartum doulas, childbirth educators, and lactation counselors. They work closely with birthing families, in the home, and may be the first line of defense in noticing physical and mental health risk factors and symptoms in the families they serve.

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