Meaning of the term’s “worldview” and “metaparadigm,”

This paper should examine your own philosophy of nursing. Provide concepts that you personally exhibit in clinical practice that align with this philosophy. The paper should also address the following information: Meaning of the term’s “worldview” and “metaparadigm,” your own personal Nursing worldview and why you hold that view, your definition of the metaparadigm of nursing including how those definitions have evolved and examples of how they are demonstrated in your clinical practice area. The paper should analyze consistency between your Nursing worldview and your metaparadigm definitions. The beginning of the paper should address why theory is important to the profession of nursing and Give an example of how you use Theory in your Nursing Practice. Finally, address why nursing theory is important for the APRN role. Align this discussion with the area you hope to practice in upon graduation.
One of the goals of this paper is to learn to write concisely. The content of the paper should be between 6-8 pages. This does not include the required title page or the reference page. The paper should be written in 7th. ed. APA, including the title and reference page. Please proofread before submitting for grammatical, spelling, and sentence structure inaccuracies. At least 3 outside references must be included in the text of your paper and in your reference page. One can be your textbook. The sources do need to be within the past 5 years, unless it is a classic article written by a theorist and then it can be older. As a graduate student, writing in first person is not typical; however, since elements of this paper require reflection, it is acceptable to use first person in these sections.
Theory/Personal Philosophy Paper Rubric (1)
Theory/Personal Philosophy Paper Rubric (1)
Criteria Ratings Pts
This criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeTheory
Explain the importance of theory with examples within clinical practice.
10 pts
This criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomePhilosophy
A discussion with concepts that align with your philosophy of nursing. Concepts used in practice.
20 pts
This criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeWorldview
Explained the meaning of worldview and metaparadigm with a clear justification.
10 pts
This criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomePersonal Worldview
Explain personal worldview and how concepts of metaparadigm align. Examples of how these concepts are demonstrated in clinical practice. Analyzed consistency between worldview and metaparadigm.
20 pts
This criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeAPRN Role
Explain why nursing theory is important for the APRN role, aligning with future practice.
20 pts
This criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeAPA, References, Due Date
The document is written in 7th. ed. APA. The document is organized, clearly presented without grammatical and sentence structure inaccuracies. Due date met.
20 pts
Total Points: 100

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