Identify the strengths and weakness of each model.

Week 5 Topic 1
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Forum 1: Implementation methods: Case studies
Read: “Implementing Servant Leadership at Cleveland Clinic: A Case Study in Organizational Change.” (2015) (Links to an external site.)
Read: “Servant Leadership and Human Capital Management: Case Study in Citibank Indonesia.” Procedia – Social and Behavioral Sciences. Vol 169, Jan 2015, pp 303-311). (Links to an external site.)
Read: Mattke, E. “Greater Wichita YMCA Case Study on Servant Leadership.” (2009). (Links to an external site.)
Watch: “Servant Leadership Case Study: Datron World Communications.” Servant Leadership Institute. (July, 2017). (Links to an external site.)
Provide and/or answer the following
Write a four-paragraph synopsis of each case study that is inclusive of the following points:
Identify the strengths and weakness of each model.
Identify and articulate the implementation strategy of each case.
Identify and articulate how each model does or does not emulate the servant leadership model of Christ.
Identify and articulate how each case study measured the validity of their respective servant leadership theory.
Initial post of at least 500 words is due by the end of the fifth day of the unit.
Respond to at least TWO peer initial posts by the end of the unit.

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