identify management issues the organization currently faces

Learning Goal: I’m working on a management report and need a sample draft to help me learn.Hello this assignment is just for PAPER2 My group choose TESLA i need help regarding that it s going to be double spaced. . please read all instructions because after paper 2 my group continue to until final paper so it s needs to be connected. thank you. I am attaching Paper 1 to here so you can read and continue from there thank you.Organizational ReportWorking on an actual case is one of the best ways to understand and appreciate the managementfunction and the integrated management applications experience. In groups, you will identify anorganization that is facing a managerial problem (or opportunity) and propose a course of actionusing the knowledge and skills you have developed through your management courses.The project can be completed in one of two ways:1. You can partner with a local organization, with which you will work directly. This typeof project requires a great deal of primary research; that is, you will need work closelywith the organization to gather your own data.2. You can research a mid- or large-sized organization of your team’s choosing andresearch it using secondary sources – sources that are already available like historicaldocuments (10K, annual reports, etc.).Your team will serve in the role of a management consulting firm. You will examine and assessthe organization, identify management issues the organization currently faces, and makerecommendations for how the organization should address those issues.The project is divided into four papers and a group presentation. The details are as follows:Paper 1: Identification of one or more specific problems the organization currentlyfaces. This paper should define the problem, and present data/evidence to discuss whythis problem is important to the organization. This paper should be three to four pageslong, not including cover pages and references.Paper 2: Analysis of the problem(s) you identified in Paper 1. This paper shouldinclude your analysis of the root causes of the problem (e.g., why does this problem existfor the organization). Again, you should rely on data and evidence to support yourassertions, as well as concepts and principles from previous courses that can help youunderstand why the problem is occurring. This paper should be five to six pages long,not including cover pages and references section.Paper 3: Recommendations for the organization. This paper should include yourgroup’s recommendations for how the organization can fix the problem(s) you identifiedand analyzed in the previous papers. This should include any topics examined in yourfour core management classes – any and all material from MAN, OB, HR, and OA is fairto use as the basis for your recommendations. This paper should be five to six pageslong, not including cover pages and references section.Paper 4: Final report. This paper should include all three previous sections, withimprovements based on feedback received. Since it is a final report, you shouldcondense and summarize the writing with appropriate citations/references. You should also include an executive summary at the beginning of the paper. This should be eight to10 pages long, not including cover pages and references section.Presentation: Your group will make a presentation summarizing your final report to theclass at the end of the semester. Each group member is expected to speak during thepresentation. An excellent presentation provides concise, useful information about youranalysis and how that analysis informs your recommendations. You should present yourideas clearly and provide prescriptive advice and suggestions. You may incorporatemultimedia to make your presentation creative and engaging, such as video clips, audioclips, website demonstration, etc.Grading Format for the Report. The four papers will be graded based on four equallyimportant criteria: critical analysis (25%), comprehension (25%), clarity (25%), andprofessionalism (25%).Critical analysis: Demonstrate thoughtful, sophisticated, and insightful analysis, asopposed to superficial descriptions with no nuance.Comprehension: Demonstrate comprehension of the core course materials and topics.Clarity: Demonstrate clarity, coherence, and organization of your assertions withspecific examples or data supporting your argument.Professionalism: Demonstrate professional writing skills, including proper grammar andcorrect spellings, along with appropriate citations in the main text and the reference list.
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