How do we recognize and celebrate the unique gifts and talents of all our students?

engage in a conversation with the Emergent Bilingual who has agreed to work with you. Ask s/he about themselves. As you converse, use follow-up questions so that you are conversing, not interrogating! As you discover the interests of the EB, decide with her/him what the content focus of your lessons will be. From the content focus, you formulate the content objectives for the unit.
From the conversation listen carefully to decide the EB’s fluency level (See “WIDA language levels” ). Then listen again for specific language areas that need attention (See “Language specifics”. From this data, you formulate the language objectives for the unit.
Write a summary of the interview in which you describe what you learned about your Emergent Bilingual. Consider how the cultural dimensions are reflected in her/his conversation. Include the content and language objectives you’ve determined for your unit plan.
Guiding Questions to remmber
How do we recognize and celebrate the unique gifts and talents of all our students?
What actions can we engage in to build a relationship with each of our students?
EB Descriiption
Report shows you’ve learned details about your Emergent Bilingual’s life, culture and interests.
EB’s language assessment
Your evaluation of the EB’s language includes reasons why you assign the fluency level you indicate. You give examples of what you noticed in looking at the specifics of the EB’s language related to the language components.
Content and language objectives indicate the aim for what your EB will be able to do. They reflect what you articulated in your descriiption of the EB’s life, culture and interests and what you observed in the EB’s language abilities.
You’ve written with care, showing attention to well-formed sentences, correct spelling and punctuation.

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