How did the Jazz Age influence the Harlem Renaissance?

As you’ve gleaned, the two movements, the Harlem Renaissance and the Jazz Age, are intricately connected. Time for some research. Prepare a two-page paper, about 500 words, that discusses the connection between the two. You should have at least 2 sources and cite them correctly using either MLA or APA style. Neither of them can be Wikipedia. Here are some suggestions that may help you formulate your ideas, but you should feel empowered to follow any logical path that connects the ideas.
How did the Jazz Age influence the Harlem Renaissance?How did the Harlem Renaissance influence the Jazz Age?What common factors contributed to both movements?Who are important characters in each movement and how did they interact with and influence one another. (It’s not enough just to list important people; you need to connect the ideas!)What musicians strengthened the message of the Harlem Renaissance? Which ones might be seen as weakening it? How did white people interact with each movement and what are the similarities and differences in those interactions?
This assignment is worth 25 points and college-level writing is expected. Here’s a quick reminder of what that means:
No spelling, grammar, or mechanical mistakes. Edit, proofread, and get help in advance of the deadline if you need it.You use proper formatting:Introduction with thesis statementParagraphs that begin with a topic sentence that supports the thesis statement and supporting sentences that support the topic sentence.Conclusion that sells your point and restates your thesis.All material is correctly quoted and cited.Paraphrased ideas are correctly paraphrased and cited. Remember that paraphrasing is when you summarize something in your own words, not when you change a few words to avoid copy and paste. You include a Works Cited page. Anything included on your Works Cited page should be cited in the body of your short paper.

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