explain why you believe Ryman’s works are both paintings and works of art

Learning Goal: I’m working on a humanities writing question and need an explanation and answer to help me learn.Robert Ryman’s recent work is almost always white: white background and foreground with little or nothing to disturb the square canvases. However, he emphasizes that the attachments to the walls, framing (if any), and the (hopefully) natural lighting and the way it can change during the day all are a part of experiencing his works. The assignment: Using references and passages within “Shades of White” in The New Yorker Magazine, and any information from our viewings and readings—identifying them specifically by name–explain why you believe Ryman’s works are both paintings and works of art, OR why they are not, OR why they fit some definitions of painting, creativity and/or art, but do not fulfill others.these are other resources watchwatchwatchthis is the article shades-of-white Limit your introduction to no more than 20% of your word count. 700 word count MLA format
Requirements: 700 words

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