Explain in a few sentences what it means to operationalize variables.

Learning Goal: I’m working on a data entry writing question and need an explanation and answer to help me learn.You will need to be familiar with Excel for this assignment. Operationally defining variables is essential for analyzing data. This is one of the FIRST STEPS in defining a study. Refer to the WISCONSIN COVID CASE data [WI COV CS DTH VAX NO VAX] data set.Answer the Qs below. Copy and paste sections/tables from each report to support or illustrate your ideas. Make sure you use parsimony and use a business memo style. 1. Explain in a few sentences what it means to operationalize variables.2. Create a 7×8 (seven by eight) table. Include this table in your paper. Which VARS are in the ROWS (Y axis) and which VARS are in the COLS (X axis)?3. Operationally define each of the variables on the X axis and the Y axis.Do this in bullet form essay-style paper. Thank you. PLEASE USE REFERENCES, REFERENCE PAGE IS MANDATORY.
Requirements: however long needed.   |   .xls file

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