Explain how this trend will impact human capital in your organization

The global pandemic has had a significant impact on human capital trends, and that impact will be felt for years to come. You will research one of the trends below that is currently impacting your organization, or an organization of Your Choice.
Select from one of the human capital trends below (PICK ANY OF YOUR CHOICE):
1) Remote/Hybrid Work
2) Great Resignation
3) Labor Shortages
4) Work-Life Balance/Wellness
Research the trend and prepare a written report, summarizing what you have learned about the human capital trend, how it is (and will continue to) impact your organization, and its influence on required employee competencies and human capital strategies. (PICK ANY ORG/INDUSTRY OF YOUR CHOICE)
Your report should include the following sections:
• Extensive research – at least seven sources. All sources must be properly cited.
• Descriiption – provide a descriiption of the human capital trend, including key terms
• Impact – Describe how this trend is already affecting your organization/industry. Explain how this trend will impact human capital in your organization/industry. Be specific and give examples accordingly
• Conclusion – consider what you perceive the risk is to human capital investments, if your organization/industry fails to properly address this trend

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