Explain how societal needs affect the constitutional allocation of power

The Marshall Court was the architect of the power of National Supremacy and the establishment of Dual Federalism.  Use the resources below and linked to understand how the Supreme Court shaped the early era of federalism.
Federalism reflects the dynamic distribution of power between national and state governments.
Explain how societal needs affect the constitutional allocation of power between the national and state governments
Explain how the distribution of powers among three federal branches and between national and state governments impacts policy making.
The exclusive and concurrent powers of the national and state governments help explain the negotiations over the balance of power between the two levels.
The distribution of power between federal and state governments to meet the needs of society changes, as reflected by grants, incentives, and aid programs, including federal revenue sharing, mandates, categorical grants, and block grants.
Multiple access points for stakeholders and institutions to influence public policy flows from the allocation of powers between national and state governments.
National policymaking is constrained by the sharing of power between and among the three branches and state governments.

1)How and why did the Marshall Court establish the National Supremacy of the United States over the governments of the states in McCulloch v. Maryland?
2)How did the Supreme Court’s interpretation’s of the Constitution construct Dual Federalism? Focus on the legal arguments, not the facts of the cases.
3)What specific legal elements of Supreme Court’s rulings in Barron v. Baltimore and Dred Scott v. Sanford created a distinct and separate jurisdiction between the state and national government known as Dual Federalism?  DO NOT focus on the facts of the case, argue the legal issues used by the Supreme Court.

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