evaluate the accuracy of eyewitness testimony, including what factors (e.g., personal, situational, investigative) may impact it

question: Critically evaluate the accuracy of eyewitness testimony, including what factors (e.g., personal, situational, investigative) may impact it. Further, discuss empirical evidence on what could or can be done to help mitigate some of these factors that may lead to less accurate accounts.
The introduction provides a brief overview of the topic covered, defines key terms (where relevant) and provides an introduction addressing the essay question
This criterion is linked to a learning outcome content and narrative
An informed and argued debate that draws from a range of studies in the field through the reference of books and/or articles. The essay will also demonstrate a good understanding of the topic, will cite studies in the literature to form an argument.
This criterion is linked to a learning outcome conclusion
Concise concluding remarks. A clear summary of the key themes discussed in the essay that directly answers the question.
Writing style and Referencing
Writing style, conventions and punctuation: clear and sophisticated writing style. The essay will provide a clear and intuitive narrative; sentence structure and grammar will be excellent. Correct use of punctuation and no spelling errors. The essay will use Harvard referencing style throughout the essay, and this will be consistent.
”you should have a good understanding not only of some of the factors that may impact eyewitness testimony but in what contexts they are most salient. You should also be able to explain why certain inaccuracies exist, or why some factors may exacerbate this inaccuracy. This should be followed by an overview of how either the criminal justice system (e.g., police, investigators, intermediaries, judges) or persons themselves have attempted to mitigate inaccuracy. In other words, you are being asked to explain (and evaluate), how accurate eyewitness testimony is, when it is more or less accurate, who may be more accurate or inaccurate, why these inaccuracies may exist, and what can be/is being done to address these issues. This should be done with reference to empirical research”

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