Describe the strength and direction of the association.

For Chapter 12, use the data above to: (I have attached as sources to be used)
Compute the regression equation. Be sure to describe all of the exact calculator steps necessary, using the appropriate calculator function, to compute the equation. Be sure to express the equation in its proper final format. And be sure to provide at least four significant digits for each part of the equation. (Three significant digits are normally sufficient unless you’re going to use the equation to produce answers to future questions, which we are here.)
Give the correlation value (i.e., correlation coefficient).
Describe the strength and direction of the association.
Give the percentage of variation in shoe size that is explained by the variation in height, describing how you reached that value.
Tell your own height in inches (71 inches) and predict your shoe size, according to the data above.
Give your real shoe size (10) and compute – showing the computation – the residual.
I am 71 inches and wear a size 10 womens shoe.
For all deep dives and projects, rounded final answers should contain at least three significant digits, and numbers used to compute final answers should contain at least four significant digits. (Note that answers that are exact and don’t need to be rounded need not have digits added. This guideline is only for answers that are being rounded.)

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