Describe the Problem, Audience, and Genre

Overview and Purpose
In this invention assignment, you will plan out your solution proposal for the problem you have analyzed in Project 1. Offering well-thought-out, feasible solutions to problems is a valuable skill in all aspects of life, and this assignment will help you think through and explain the different sections of the argument you will develop. You will also learn the qualities of effective proposals as a means to invent ideas for your project and engage in research.
Prior to beginning, be sure to review the expanded Project 2 Descriiption and the learning materials for this assignment.
Complete the requirements in each step in a Word document.
Step 1: Describe the Problem, Audience, and Genre
Problem and Its Presence: Describe the problem in your local, professional, or academic community, and explain why it is a serious problem that needs solving.
Target Audience: Describe your intended audience – their values, beliefs, expectations, and why it is the right individual or group to address. Your audience should be a decision-maker or decision-making body in your specific community, who has the finances or authority to implement your solution and make that change happen.
Genre: Indicate whether you will compose your proposal in the form of a letter or a memo . Which of the two genres/forms is more suitable for your rhetorical purpose and the specific audience you are targeting? Why?
Thesis: The thesis in this argument should state your main claim (the solution you are proposing) and 2-3 audience-specific reasons in support of it in a succinct sentence.
Step 2: Explain Your Proposed Solution and Counterarguments
Alternative Solutions and Drawbacks: List 2-3 alternative solutions that have been used or suggested previously to address the problem. Then, describe the drawback of each one with evidence.
The Best Solution : State your own, original proposed solution, explain why it is logical and feasible, and provide details for how it will be executed according to your audience’s position and/or ability to act. You should avoid proposing multiple solutions, although your solution can involve multiple steps or parts if they are closely related and can be addressed by the same decision-maker.
Justification for the Best Solution : Provide 2-3 convincing reasons why your audience should accept your proposed solution and act on it. Explain what evidence you might use to support each reason.
Counter-Arguments and Rebuttal: List 2-3 possible objections or concerns your audience may bring up to challenge the effectiveness and execution of your solution. Then, describe your response to each counter-argument and what evidence you might use to support your rebuttal.
Concluding Call to Action: Explain what rhetorical strategies you might use to offer a convincing call to the specific decision-maker to implement the solution you proposed.
Step 3: PSA or Advocacy Ad
Indicate whether you will compose a PSA or an Advocacy Ad and who the audience will be for it. How will it complement your proposal?

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