Describe the plan for resolving the community’s health risk

Course Project Part II
Discussing your plan with your primary partner.
For this assignment you will need to connect with a member of your community. This can be any person that is a member of this community. They will serve as your community partner. Once you are able to make contact with your community partner you will need to discussion the following scriipt A- F with them and report the responses in the format of a paper using APA.
Do not use bullets, and you are able to use first person for this assignment.
This part of the project will be the scriipt you will use to discuss your goal for the community with your partner(s). You must make contact your via email, phone, face-face, or with ZOOM.
Use proper APA formatting and use headings to organize your paper. Your paper should be 2 – 5 pages in length.
A. Briefly, why are you contacting this person? (Identify yourself and your purpose) B. A synopsis of your community assessment.
C. Discuss your priority health risk/hazard.
D. Describe the plan for resolving the community’s health risk/hazard priority (detail goals and activities).
• Which of your listed assets (refer to FINAL COURSE PROJECT PART 2 Tool) do you think would best meet the needs of the plan for the community? Why?
• Does your potential partner own the needed assets? If not, what other potential partners could be contacted? (It is not necessary that all assets come from one potential partner i.e., space from one, paper for fliers from another, etc.). Just a reminder nothing need to be purchased for this assignment only gathering information as if your where presenting
E. State your thoughts of where this partner fits into the plan. Present this part in a positive light and with honesty; you want their help.
F. Elicit their thoughts and suggestions. Are there any suggestions they would make when speaking towards your target audience.
When citing personal communication only in text citation is needed. A reference page may not be applicable to this assignment. For example: (L. S, personal communication, November 2, 2020).
Submit your professionally written paper through Turnitin by the date posted on the calendar.
you do not have to contact an actual person, its ok to make it up. try to make it sound realistic.
APA format

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