Define these factors ONLY (Antecedent factor-Causal factor-moderating factor)

You need to build a causal theory that my influence the causal factor which is stress among students
– you have to Draw the causal theory and add factor in each square then explain each factor in a small paragraph
– Give 2 example of each factor
– Define these factors ONLY (Antecedent factor-Causal factor-moderating factor)
-add two example for each factor and write small exaplanation paragraph explaining the factor you choose
– you should have 3 small paragraphs that exaplain each factor you choose and then inculde the refrence for each factor
– you should add the refrence for each factor at the end
– you have to use the assigment ( EX2 need assessment ) you did before to get idease of the factors
– for example you can use for the causal factor the ” Academic workload ” as it cause stress which is describes in the Ex2 assessment file and then explain how its a causal factor in a short paragraph
– you can use extra resources for choosing a factor but you have to use ARTICLES ONLY.
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Discipline: Health education

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