create an online presentation of an exhibition of your own design.

Learning Goal: I’m working on a art project and need an explanation and answer to help me learn.For this Formal Presentation Project, you will operate as a misunderstanding busting curator
of African art! In doing so you will create an online presentation of an exhibition of your own
design. The art exhibit you curate for your visual presentation project will work towards combatting
popular misconceptions about African art and/or African artists. It will be made to enlighten
viewers as to the significance of the African art works and/or the African artist that you
choose to incorporate.
Your visual, voiced/audio NARRATION of a presentation should include at least 3 artworks by 1 artist – you must choose an artist or traditional art type wehave NOT already covered in class and that is not on the syllabus.
challenge at least 2 popular misconceptions or misunderstandings about African art
and/or African artists. African diaspora artists are EXCLUDED from this project(including African American). 1 to 2 discussion questions for your audience to ponder and answer.
1 Works Cited slide/image detailing your minimum of four scholarly sources. At least
3 of these must be sources you found within the DePaul library system and are not onyour syllabus. Upload a separate Works Cited document (PDF or Word) with all sources and links to
the sources you used listed on it. Be sure to format it correctly. You will also watch and respond to one presentation by one of your class peers.
The presentation should be no less than 8 minutes long and no more than 15 minutes total. Be sure to include the name or type of object, the materials it was made from, the name of
the artist (if known), culture in which it was produced, its country of origin, the materials that
comprise it, and information on the objects’ use and meaning.*Do NOT include or embed videos within your presentation. ****
Some ideas: You may choose to use Power point, Prezi or Loom to present the works
of art etc. (Prezi and Loom are more creative (yet simple) interfaces – so they may
allow for a more visually interesting presentation). YOU MAY NOT USE GOOGLE
You have free reign however, to use whatever other visual aids to complete the project. Have
fun with it. Be as creative as you can and like.
Requirements: 8-15 min   |   .doc file

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