compare and contrast the difference between, right, left, and biventricular heart failure.

Henry Felton, 69, truck driver. History of presenting illness (HPI)
Shortness of breath
racing heartbeat
swelling of ankles and feet
Symptoms have worsen in last couple of months. keeps patient tired and weak, sleeps with pillows propped up.
Patient quit smoking 5 yrs ago after suffering a heart attack. 6 months after heart attack patient underwent double coronary bypass surgery. Patient smoked 3 packs a day for 30 years. Drinks very rarely and no history of drugs. Takes medication for cholesterol and needs to lose weight.
lost father to a a heart attack and mother to a stroke.
Test that should be ordered are EKG, Blood pressure and arterial blood gas assessment. Nurse notices upon physical examination bilateral lung crackles and ekg right side heart failure. Using the video from this scenario on Henry, compare and contrast the difference between, right, left, and biventricular heart failure. Explain why Henry had right-sided heart failure.
Please correlate your responses to Henry’s case. with 1-2 paragraphs and 1-2 references

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