build visualization(s) that would be used by managers and experts from various departments

Help a company choose Python IDE software — Subject- Information Visualization
“Turtle Transportation” is a multinational corporation with offices and partners in many countries around the world. They are looking to use Garmin nuvi to help a number of their transportation phases, and the first step is to adopt two or three GPS unit types to test their fit in their various departments. For the adopted tools, they will provide training and test data, assess their strengths, and make any customization as needed.
This homework requires you to build visualization(s) that would be used by managers and experts from various departments to provide a quick, complete, general view of properties as listed at (only information from the Nuvi table 3 section of that page can be used). The following pieces of information were deemed important, and should be apparent in your visualization(s):
only nuvi models 2000 and higher are to be considered (see the Nuvi table 3 (Features) table)
only the columns listed below are important for a tool:
all columns except Notes.
The company would like you to create a visualization with all the potential tools (all models numbered 2000 and higher), and present that to their managers and data experts to allow them to quickly find, compare, and discuss their favorite tool(s) particular to their situation. Assume that your audience has only a basic familiarity with the features described in the table (this is more for managers than experts).
Use any graphics package of your choosing and build snapshots of the final visualization(s). It is expected, and it is part of difficulty of this homework, that you would try multiple toolkits. A good starting point is the list of Visualization Toolkits in Blackboard. Some have really good documentation and are easy to use, others may require more specialized knowledge.
In addition to tools made specifically for visualization, you may also try designing and drawing your own visualization (think Paint or PowerPoint drawing). Lecture slides from Blackboard cover a number of visualizations, and those may be able to provide an inspiration for this homework.
The data from the Nuvi table 3 at is the one to be used for this assignment. The columns and tables of interest have been identified in the bullet points above – the other information on that webpage is not relevant. One bullet point may cover multiple columns. Consider the discussion about data and data format from the lecture, and convert those tables in a suitable format (columns for data dimensions, rows for each instance). If needed, feel free to derive additional columns (attributes) from the data in those tables, but do not add information from other sources.
1. Take snapshot(s) of your solution and add any explanation as needed to allow someone to use the snapshots easily (up to 80 points). Make sure you place your explanations and visualization is widely-used formats such as Word or PDF. Other students should be able to view those easily. A reminder that applies to all assignments is to submit an actual document not just a link to it, such as a Google docs link. A link to an interactive visualization could optionally be submitted, but it should be additional to the snapshot(s) and text.

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