“Are Human Activities Determined?

Part 1: The author of the Irony of Service Download Irony of Service(Keith Morton) discusses what he calls a “continuum of service” (starting on p. 21 of the reading) by talking about three paradigms of service: charity, project, and social change.
Describe each of these paradigms of service in relation to Figure 1 (located at the bottom of p. 21)
Looking at Figure 1. How does each paradigm (i.e., charity, project, and social change) compare to the other paradigms in their (A) concern for root causes and their (B) investments in relationships? Why is this the case? How does this relate to Morton’s idea of the “continuum of service”?
Part 2: Keith Morton discusses an alternative to the “continuum” approach to community service (starting on p. 23).
What is this alternative? Describe how charity, project, and service paradigms are changed from this alternative perspective (starting on p. 25).
Look up service organizations online. Provide three links, one for a charity organization, one for a project organization, and one for a social change organization. Explain why you consider each of these organizations to be an example of these paradigms of service using information from the Morton reading.
Part 3: Read the Taking Sides article – “Are Human Activities Determined? Download Are Human Activities Determined?” using the reading strategies we learned from Adler. Briefly explain what side you agree with and why.

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