Write profusely aboutyour personal experience with the musical practices

Learning Goal: I’m working on a art case study and need an explanation and answer to help me learn.These papers are conceived to be more like essays than research papers (if you’d rather write aresearch paper, you are welcome to do so, of course!). From the many topics we will cover inclass, choose two (one per paper) that were especially meaningful to you. Write profusely aboutyour personal experience with the musical practices you chose, explaining why you chose them,why and how you feel connected to them, and what do you think they mean to the people whopractice them. Enrich your narrative with relevant quotes, sources, and information, but reallyfocus on describing and analyzing your personal experience, striving to make a convincing,strong argument. If you consider it relevant, compare the practices you chose with other musical practices you know and/or participate in. Discuss how and why those practicesare important toyou and how do you think they compare to the ones we studied in class.The essays should be at leastfive pages long (doubled spaced, 12 points; if you are citing any references, use the citation formatof your preference) but longer texts are welcomed and encouraged.
Requirements: 5 pages   |   .doc file

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