Write one response about your own profession and its roles.

Learning Goal: I’m working on a health & medical writing question and need an explanation and answer to help me learn.Power dynamics exist between providers on teams, between different professions, and between providers and patients. Review the descriptions of the roles and responsibilities of the other professions (audiology, psychology, and pharmacist) on your team. Write one response about your own profession and its roles.
Select at least 2 other health professionals and Identify where potential exists for perceived power differentials, based on your professional roles, scopes, or perceived status. Include a discussion of your observations.
Sharing thoughts and ideas with the 2-3 other health professions you selected ; what are some ways to re-conceptualize that power dynamic using ideas from this class or your personal experience.
Here I have uploaded two sample of answers that were given which give you an idea what contents should be provided.
Also 3 health care professions facts that need to be discussed. you can choose 2 of them.
I really appreciate it if you can send it to me within 12 hours
Requirements: no limitation (at least 350 words)   |   .doc file

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