write a thesis statement about how you learned to do something outside of academics

In a Word or Google doc, identify and write down the thesis statements in the introductions from the narrative essays below. Remember where the thesis should be located in the introduction.
From “Uncovering the Soldier Within”
Transitioning from civilian to soldier is not always an easy task. For some, it comes naturally, but for others, it’s like talking to brick walls. The military was the best thing that I could’ve done. I learned strength, responsibility, leadership, and courage. There are probably many other things I learned as well, but that’s what helped me mold into the person I am today. From a soldier’s perspective, those four words can make a life-changing impact. So, I laced up my boots and got moving.
From “Learning Life Skills through Food Challenge”
When most people think of 4-H, showing livestock automatically comes to mind. However, there are many different activities and contests that do not involve livestock. For instance, entomology, shooting sports, and the food show are a few non-livestock activities in 4-H. Since I was nine, I have been in 4-H and participated in both livestock and non-livestock activities, such as the Nutrition Quiz Bowl and Food Challenge. Through Food Challenge, I have learned the life skills of cooking, plating, teamwork, and public speaking.
From “My Grandmother”
Vocabulary.com defines an influential person as a person whose actions and opinions strongly influence the course of events. Many people have influenced me and my education throughout my life, but the most influential person to me would be my grandmother. My grandmother was most influential to me and my education because of her encouragement, support, and determination.
In a Word or Google document, write a thesis statement about how you learned to do something outside of academics that you could use for your narrative essay using MLA formatting guidelines.
Include the following:
Your Topic
Your Position/Opinion
Your Reasons–at least three
Your Complete Thesis
Correct Spelling, Grammar, and Punctuation
NOTE: Do NOT write a whole introduction. Just write the thesis statement, which should be one or two sentences only.

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