working on a risk management case study

Learning Goal: I’m working on a risk management case study and need an explanation and answer to help me learn.Loss data is a key element in managing and measuring OR because it can be used in a variety of ways, e.g., (1) to identify control weaknesses, (2) to benchmark, (3) for capital modeling. The Basel risk event categories are a useful standard for categorizing loss events. (Links to an external site.)Detailed Instructions: (Links to an external site.)Slot each of these ten examples of loss events into the seven Basel categories and provide your rationale for why this category most appropriately describes the loss event. Your explanation should identify the entity that sustained the loss and identify the loss, which can be financial, reputational or both. The precise dollar amount (or other currency) is not required, but it is necessary to specify the nature of the loss (e.g., reputation, government fines, legal fees). Remember, each example has just one risk category, so listing multiple categories is incorrect. This assignment requires one paragraph per case; thus, the length of the paper would likely be 2-3 pages.Bank Employee Steals Cash (Links to an external site.) Wells Fargo Customer Accounts Not Available Due To Outage (Links to an external site.)Apple Slows Down Phones To Increase Sales (Links to an external site.)Plane Lands in Wrong Airport (Links to an external site.)Zoom Hacked, Thousands Accounts Sold On Dark Web (Links to an external site.)CNN Sued For Defamation (Links to an external site.)Gas Station Destroyed In Fire (Links to an external site.)Bangladesh Factory Burned By Employees (Links to an external site.) Target Employee Dies After Fall (Links to an external site.)Grocery Employee Leaves Doors and Safe Unlocked For Burglar (Links to an external site.)
Requirements: 2-3 pages

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