working on a neuroscience case study

Learning Goal: I’m working on a neuroscience case study and need support to help me learn.The case studies consist of thorough physical therapy evaluations and treatment planning-related questions on each case. Students were provided time to discuss and practice skills in class, and are expected to turn in their answers to the questions for class credit. **Note: This classwork must include a cover page, appropriate titles (per case topics), and full sentences provided as answers to questions to be eligible for grading.Students have been provided with THREE case studies on the topics of CVA, TBI, and SCI respectively. Each case includes at least five treatment planning questions that each student is responsible for answering or addressing. Students are to work on this assignment individually and consider or apply the following:* Use of Times New Roman 12-point font, double spaced, with one-inch margins, and APA format of writing is expected. If you are not familiar, please watch the video provided under the ‘Review of Course Concepts’ section.* Organize answers by the topic and number of the question being answered. DO NOT re-write the question (or this will be flagged for similarity when it is not necessary- and you run the risk of your assignment not being accepted).* As always, be sure to provide appropriate answers with full sentences that provide the information necessary to assess knowledge and application. It is difficult to assess knowledge when there is not enough information.* Work will be assessed for understanding and coherence; therefore, correct spelling and grammatical structure will be assessed accordingly. Work with more than 5 errors will have a grade reduction of 10%, and work with excessive errors (>10) will be required to resubmit with an automatic 25% grade reduction.*Only works with a similarity index of 25% or lower will be accepted for grading. Works with more than a 25% similarity index margin will be suspected of plagiarism and may require re-submission with a penalty.
Requirements: Deep in details answers

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