working on a literature case study

Learning Goal: I’m working on a literature case study and need an explanation and answer to help me learn.Purpose:An annotated bibliography is a research tool that scholars use to organize and keep track of the sources that they have collected. This genre includes a list of citations for the sources collected, each followed by a brief “annotation” that summarizes the source and justifies the relevancy of it. The goal here is to convince your audience, and sometimes yourself, that the sources you have chosen to work with were carefully and purposefully selected.Your Assignment:Your first high-stakes writing assignment is your annotated bibliography, which is a genre that allows for scholars to collect their sources and begin mapping out connections between them. This is your space to find your scholarly, secondary sources, and to make sure that they are all going to be useful for your project when you write your final research proposal during the next unit.Your Annotated Bibliography must include:A brief introduction to your paper (1-2 double-spaced pages) that announces your chosen scholarly conversation, explains why you selected it, and identifies your criteria for selecting your sources. This should be brief, while introducing to your readers the focus of your paper and what you have learned about your conversation from reading these six sources.
Six individual annotations (250-350 words each) for each of the secondary sources you selected. These annotations must include a proper APA or MLA citation for the article followed by two paragraphs:The first paragraph must summarize the main points or findings from the secondary source you read. You want to use your summary to provide a clear overview of the article and the ways in which they use your framework, without any discussion of yourself, why you picked it, or how you feel about their study. You should rely heavily on paraphrasing and summary with minimal or no quoting. All textual support guidelines must be followed, so be sure to carefully avoid plagiarizing here.
The second paragraph must discuss why you selected this source for your project. You can talk about its relevancy to other sources in your annotated bibliography or its relation to your own line of inquiry, as long as you are justifying its inclusion.
Secondary Source Requirement:You are required to have a minimum of six secondary sources, but you are welcome to use more if needed. All of your sources must be peer-reviewed articles related to the field of writing and rhetoric, but at least four of these must have been found on your own (not from class or the provided suggested readings).During this unit, you will each select a “scholarly conversation” to study as well as “mini conversations” to help focus you.
For example, maybe you wanted to study digital rhetoric this semester as your scholarly conversation.Some examples of mini conversations might be related to broad theory (defining the overall idea of digital rhetoric), using technology in classrooms, social media research, digital marketing, movies and tv shows, bias in the news, etc.
If you chose the broad theory of digital rhetoric, bias in the news, and social media research as your three mini conversations, it would be smart to have two sources for each to make up your six required sources. Having those sources broken up in this way will help you have easily related articles to guide your future literature review (explained in class earlier this semester).
Formatting Guidelines:In class during this unit you will be taught how to use the library database, evaluate your sources to verify that they will work for your project, cite sources from an online database, and synthesize your sources to make critical connections between them. Along with these lessons, you will learn how to format an Annotated Bibliography according to the guidelines that you will be assessed on. You must pay close attention during all of these class meetings, and it is encouraged that you ask questions as you work. As with all assignments, you must submit a Microsoft Word document (.doc or .docx) to be accepted for a grade.
Requirements: 3 pages

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