why is this research and your essay important and what do you hope to convey?

Find one primary research article from a peer-reviewed journal in psychology on a subject related to aging that is of interest to you.
Some journals you may choose articles from include: Psychology and Aging, Journal of Adult Development, Psychology and Aging, Developmental Neuropsychology, Developmental Psychology, or Human Development. Other journals in psychology and/or gerontology research may be accepted, but you must check with me first.
Topics you may consider for finding an article include: family caregiving, Alzheimer’s disease, retirement adjustment, successful aging and health promotion, long-term care, memory loss, or health care systems. You may choose a different topic, these are just some ideas to get you started.
In your essay, summarize the research goals/research question, the literature reviewed (main ideas), the method and results of the research article, and the overall findings. In summarizing research, be sure you always have your own topic/thesis sentence (why is this research and your essay important and what do you hope to convey?). Additionally, your summary should include very clear descriiptions of the variables in the study (i.e., operational and/or conceptual definitions for all major variables). Finally, your essay should include clear applications of this study (i.e., how can this research/these findings be applied in various aspects of life).
Please follow the instructions and avoid using the term generations

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