Who is your community partner?

Learning Goal: I’m working on a public health question and need guidance to help me learn.GROUP ASSIGNMENT 1: Evaluation & Assessment Planning Points Possible: 5Note: Program evaluation is an ever-evolving process. Describing the following components will help center where your evaluation is going (i.e., this is the beginning of your roadmap). It’s okay if these slightly change over the next few weeks, but every week you should be getting closer and closer to a “final” evaluation plan (e.g., your final paper / report).Planning your Evaluation:Theoretical Community Partner and Priority Population (1 point):
QUESTIONS TO CONSIDER ANSWERING IN THIS SECTION:Who is your community partner? What are their priorities?Why do they matter to your population of interest (i.e., who is getting the intervention / program)?Who is your population of interest?What are their unique needs and why is your community partner engaged with them?Topics / Outcomes of Interest (1.5 points):
QUESTIONS TO CONSIDER ANSWERING IN THIS SECTION:What are your outcomes of interest?Justify why your topics and outcomes are important for your population of interest and/or your community partner. Hint: look to the literature and past studies for justification.Research Questions and Type (Quantitative / Qualitative / Mixed) (1.5 points):
Provide the list of research questions you want to ask.Clearly determine how each question will be asked (using qualitative or quantitative tools, or both). You’ll be asked to provide more detail in upcoming weeks, but productive information on how you think you’ll collect the data (e.g., survey, focus group). Hint: these should match up / make sense with your outcomes of interestType of Evaluation (Formative / Summative) (1 point):
Given the material we have gone over in the lecture and in the book, are your outcomes of interest and your research questions more appropriate for a formative or summative evaluation? Or if you are planning on doing both a formative and summative evaluation, which questions belong in the formative evaluation sections and which belong in summative evaluation section?
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