which step would you choose? Why?

It is recognized that the following is a challenging exercise because it requires that you make a very difficult choice; however, this exercise will also ensure that you have fully evaluated each step of the Cycle of Change Model and that you have considered the requisite value of each step to the overall organizational change and transformation process.
Your task is to reflect on the various steps of the Cycle of Change Model from:
Campbell, H. (2014). Managing organizational change: A practical toolkit for leaders. [Books24x7 version].
Answer the following question:
If you were required to choose only one step in the Cycle of Change Model as being most important to the success of any major organizational change or organizational transformation initiative, which step would you choose? Why?
Be sure that you justify your choice with sufficient depth. If possible, give an actual organizational example to defend your choice.
Original post should include approximately 200 words and cite and reference at least 1 scholarly source found in the required or optional readings list.

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