“What is the purpose/job of government”

Learning Goal: I’m working on a political science writing question and need guidance to help me learn.Request: This is a task for my political ideologies, so the work needs to focus on this topic. There are 3 questions, each of them needs to be supported by at least 2 academic references and be approximately 300 words minimum per question. Considering this is not a lengthy task, it is important to ensure that it does not contain any plagiarism (do not use paraphrasing software’s as the plagiarism scanner detects it) or grammar errors. Also please deliver the work on time as I won’t be able to extend it. Question 1) One of the most important questions that faces citizens is: What is the purpose/job of government? This may seem like a simple question or even an unimportant one, but it has cause conflict for centuries and arguably still has not been definitively answered. What do you think the most important purpose/job of government should be? Question 2) Why is it important for you to have an answer to the “What is the purpose/job of government” question? Why has the answer, and people’s different responses to the question, the cause of so much conflict? Is it possible to come up with one agreed upon answer? Why/why not? Question 3) For this question you’ll need to do some research on political ideologies. I want you to put together a document that explains the difference between a Democrat and a Liberal and a Republican and a Conservative. It is important for you to begin to be able to distinguish between what a political party holds as its ideological principles and what the connecting political ideology is about. Understanding that all Republicans have a conservative ideology base but not everyone who has conservative ideological beliefs is a Republican is key to understanding how there are such wide divisions within American politics. The same is true for Democrats, who have a liberal ideological base but noting that not everyone with a liberal ideological belief set is a Democrat
Requirements: APA, 3 questions, 300 words per question, Times New Roman, Double spaced.

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