What do you remember being the most troubling issues to you during that time?

The media
The Assignment
After reading our course material, chapter 8, discuss the following:
What effect if any, does the media have on middle age children’s self-esteem and the building of peer relationship development?  Think back at your experiences from age 10-12.  What do you remember being the most troubling issues to you during that time?
Grading Criteria: See attached rubric for grading criteria
Discussion Board Rubric(4).docx
Text, Chapter 8 and any other google searches found.
Media influence on teenagers: social media, movies, YouTube and apps Concerned about social media and other media influence on teenagers? This influence can be positive and negative, and teens can be smart media consumers. Raising Children Network
How Using Social Media Affects Teenagers Adolescence is an important period of social and intellectual development, and too few of us are paying attention to how our teenagers’ use of technology is affecting them. Child Mind Institute
After doing the DB reply to tow other ppl agree or disagree and why?
First person reply : Social media has become a big part of younger children’s lives today. Too much exposure to the media can increase a child’s risk of becoming hyperactive and inattentive. The media can lead to bullying, depression, and anxiety causing a decreased feeling of self worth. Some negative effects from social media are violence, aggressive behavior, sexual content, body image, physical health, language, and school performance. Many middle aged children tend to compare themselves to others and raise doubts about self worth. Technology can bring negative interaction or zero interactions between children and peers. It can starve a child or family of interpersonal relationship skills and communication skills. I personally don’t recall any negative experiences with social media but I do remember the amount of followers and likes you got, the clothes you wore, the music you listened to, and the trends you participated in defined if you were cool or not.
Second person:Social media has negative effects on middle age children as they come to imitate everything they see and put it into practice.  Coincidentally today (02/08/2022) on the news I saw a boy from Miami who tried to do a TikTok challenge where they had to rub alcohol all over their bodies and then set themselves in fire, not only him, there is a list of children who have died from social media challenges.  The media is the worst enemy when children have low self-steem, since there are many videos that encourage them to attempt against their lives, that is where we parents must be vigilant to discover in time if our children show any symptoms of depression or lack self-love.  Sometimes at that age it is a bit difficult for children to build relationships with their peers as the bullying and other pressures that middle age children are exposed to push them to stay away from other children.  In my time there was no social media and at that age I remember that classmates maintained a strong friendship since many of us were in the same classroom for 3 or 4  consecutive years and with the same teacher who already knew each one of us.  In those times you didn’t see anything that you see now in schools such as fights, and selfishness.  Those were times when being at school was like a second home because of the harmony that was expereinced at school in those times.

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