What communication techniques worked or did not work

Step 1 Respond to the following prompts using research and your own personal experience. For this post, you must show research in your writing using in-text citations and format your reference using 7th ed. APA.
Think about your experiences as part of an interprofessional health care team and answer the following questions:
Describe a professional experience where you either feel your team collaborated and communicated well or a time when you feel that your team did not collaborate and communicate well in the process of conflict resolution.
Describe the role of each member of the team who was involved in the experience.
What communication techniques worked or did not work well during the experience?
Research conflict resolution techniques and identify which were used or should have been used.
If you were leading a debriefing of the experience, what recommendations would you make to the team to improve collaboration and communication?
Please follow the assignment instructions and answer those questions accurately. Thank you for your good work.

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