Use this Dropbox to submit your critique of Moral Intelligence,

Learning Goal: I’m working on a business law writing question and need an explanation and answer to help me learn.Use this Dropbox to submit your critique of Moral Intelligence, Enhancing Business Performance & Leadership Success. Submit your critique as a Word.docCoverpage with name and honor codeThe cover page is to include:1. your name,2. paper title,3. course designation,4. date, and5. class honor code.Content & format per syllabusThis is a formal writing assignment You may use the APA style to organize your submission, but other formats are acceptable. Consistency is key. Beyond the cover page, be sure:1. Your paper is no more than THREE pages of content, not including the cover page2. Your paper is double spaced,3. There is a running title on each page and include page numbers.Grammar, punctuation, & spellingBe aware of:- subject-verb agreement- syntax- run-on sentences or paragraphs- fragment sentences,- comma splices- split infinitives- passive voice-typos / spellingReadability & organization (approach & content)Your submission should be thoughtfully communicated and written. It should read smoothly without having to re-read a sentence or paragraph to understand the information provided.Master’s (graduate) level workBe sure and re-read the three-page, Graduate-Level Writing Guide from the University of Maryland, provided in the module Getting Started. It includes information on the following:- comparison of undergraduate vs graduate-level writing- contribution to the conversation- a well-supported argument- evaluating and synthesizing sources- an appropriate level of diction- point of view (choosing between 1st, 2nd, and 3rd person)- figures of speech
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