TWO page essay explaining why socrates is guilty.

In The Apology, we only get to hear the speeches of Socrates. For this paper I want you to imagine that you are one of Socrates’ accusers and write a paper explaining why Socrates is guilty of the charges against him — corrupting the youth and not believing in the gods of the city. TWO page essay explaining why socrates is guilty.
1) Papers should be 2-3 pages long, double spaced, size 12 font (times new Roman)or the equivalent.
2) Each paper must the address topic assigned and demonstrate an understanding of the texts and issues related to that topic. Papers that go off topic will be penalized.
3) Papers will be graded for grammar as well as content.
1) Clarity: The paper should have a clear thesis or position that is precisely stated, avoiding vague terms and over-generalizations. Bad grammar is inherently unclear! Even though our topics are somewhat ‘imaginative’ you should still have a thesis.
2) Evidence: The paper should provide evidence for the thesis. This evidence will bedrawn from the texts discussed, from philosophical arguments, or from things learned in other classes. The paper should show an understanding of both the text and the broader philosophical issues raised in the text. Misunderstanding the text, or misquoting it, means that one does not have evidence!
3) Organization: The argument of the paper will be well organized, moving in an orderly fashion from premises to conclusion without gaps or jumps. The paper will not wander away from its central thesis, nor will it get bogged down in secondary issues. If the reader cannot follow your argument, the paper is disorganized!
IF you need more information about socrates or anything please feel free to reach out and I will gladly provide it. Use the two sources below at first and then you may look for one or two more reliable sources to use for the essay.

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