Select and apply a decision-making model

1. University ABC has been operating for 30 years, offering classes in two modalities including in-person and Online. The University is headquartered in Portland, OR and has 10 partner universities across the globe that offer its programs/classes. Over the last two years, the University has been struggling financially because of multiple factors, such as economic fluctuations, new immigration laws impacting international students, the COVID-19 pandemic, and a dramatic increase in commercial lease rates in downtown Portland where the University’s main campus is located. Assume that you are the University’s president and to reduce the costs, you are considering a transition from in-office into remote work business model. Select and apply a decision-making model from those discussed in this week’s lecture materials and textbook. Walk us through the steps of the model that you will follow to reach a solid decision.
Note:  In addition, follow APA guidelines and cite at least 1 resource to support your discussions; be sure to include a reference section at the end of your post.

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