put together your final written business plan.

For this assignment, you will put together your final written business plan.
• Here are some resources:
• Your textbook as well as the class material are also good resources.
• For this assignment you will use the Full Sail University library to access EBSCOhost, Lexis-Nexis, trade journals or other publications or other available library resources to conduct research on the target market for your business along with your competition.
• The first preference for submission is a Word document although we will accept other formats.
Specifically, your paper should include:
1. The Title Page
2. The Table of Contents
3. The Executive Summary
4. Company Description
5. Industry Analysis and Trends
6. The Target Market
7. The Competition
8. Marketing Plan
9. Operations and Management
10. The Financials
11. The Appendix
The following sections are optional:
Strategic Position and Risk Assessment
Technology Plan
Social Responsibility and Sustainability
A Balance Sheet
A Statement of Cash Flow
Development, Milestones & Exit Plan
Some of you may choose to include the optional sections, depending on your business plan and if you are planning on using your business plan to obtain financing. We will provide feedback on the optional sections but there will be no point deductions for anything in these sections. We do not offer extra credit for including optional sections.
Section Detail
Here is a breakdown of the different sections.
1. The Title Page
This is also known as the ‘Cover Sheet’.
Be sure to include the following:
The words “Business Plan”
The name of your company
The date
A copy number (Number each copy of the business plan before distribution, and be sure to keep track of who has received each copy. In the event that you have revised your business plan, you can also track who has what copy. Try to avoid using terms like, ‘Fourth Version, Copy 5’ as this doesn’t always make a good impression.  Something like, “Copy D.5” may work better. This D means the fourth version and the 5 tells you that it is the 5th copy.)
A Disclaimer of Confidentiality Statement.
Something like this will work or you can use your own:
This document is for information only and is not an offering for sale of any securities of the company.  Information disclosed herein should be considered proprietary and confidential. The document is the property of _____________ Company and may not be disclosed, distributed, or reproduced without the express written permission of _____________ Company.
• Your name and contact information (for the purposes of our assignment, you can just list your name and class as another option).
• The company logo, if desired.
Normally you won’t want to have the page numbers to start with the cover page. To turn this off in Word, just click on, ‘Insert’ and choose, ‘Page Numbers’ and then unclick the box that says, ‘Show Number on First Page’.
2. The Table of Contents.
• This is usually the third page of the business plan. The second page can either be left blank or you could put your company mission statement here.
3. The Executive Summary
• This probably the most important part of the business plan. Be sure to review the lesson material on the Executive Summary and review the material in the book.
• The Executive Summary is usually one-to-three pages in length.
4. Company Description
• Include the material that you worked on in last month’s Business Plan Development class along with any recommended changes.  Be sure to provide a clear company description.
5. Industry Analysis and Trends
• Include a description of your industry, the trends in your industry, as well as the strategic opportunities that exist.
6. The Target Market
• Include the material that you worked on in last month’s Business Plan Development class along with any recommended changes.  Be sure to state the size of your target market along with the source of the data.
7. The Competition
• Include the material that you worked on in last month’s Business Plan Development class along with any recommended changes. Be sure to not only identify the competition, but to also state your competitive advantage.
8. The Marketing Plan
• Include the material that you worked on in last month’s Business Plan Development class along with any recommended changes. Be sure to show how your marketing plan will drive sales and also have some way to measure its success.
9. Operations and Management
• Include the material that you worked on in last month’s Business Plan Development class along with any recommended changes.  Be sure to show what type of facilities your company will operate out of and also provide background information on your principal personnel to show why they are qualified.
10. The Financials
• Here you generally include a summary of your financials with the details included in the appendix. Please see the example Business Plans on the website listed above for some ideas.
• Specifically, in the financial section of the plan we are looking for these items:
Start-up costs.
A summary Income Statement showing revenues, expenses, and profits for the first three years. You can use the ‘Assumptions Table’ from your Financial Statements here. It should be the last spreadsheet.
A Sources and Uses of Funds Statement.
You may also choose to include visuals such as pie charts, bar charts etc as this adds to the report and makes it easier for investors to follow along. Please see the separate document labeled, ‘Excel – An Introduction’ if you need more information on how to do this.
• Be sure to clearly state how much financing you are looking for and in what form (debt vs. equity). Be sure to also clearly state what returns you are offering. For a new business, investors will generally be looking a minimum return of 30% to 50% a year.
Balance Sheet and Statement of Cash Flows.
We are not specifically requiring a Balance Sheet or Statement of Cash Flows for this assignment but if you are planning on using this plan to obtain financing for your business, this is something that potential investors will normally want to see. As an option, you may choose to include these in your plan and we will provide feedback but they are not required. Please see the separate lessons for more information on these statements.
11. The Appendix
• Please include your detailed Income Statement as well as the other financial reports that you completed in the financial statements here.
• To copy from an Excel Worksheet to a Word Document just follow these steps:
Highlight the areas that you want to copy from Excel.
Choose, ‘Edit’ and then ‘Copy’
Go to a Word Document and Click once where you would like to paste to.
On the Word Document choose, ‘Edit’ and then ‘Paste Special’
Within the Paste Special Dialog box, choose ‘Picture’.
You can now resize your document if needed

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