Is there a family tendency toward conscientiousness?

For this week’s discussion, please choose one of the following:
A. Developmental. Choose one of the Big 5 traits. Analyze how the expression of that trait has changed over time from your early childhood (if you have information regarding the trait-were you outgoing/reserved, daredevil, etc) to elementary school, middle school, high school, college…. etc. Indicate any relevant situational/environmental factors that you believe may have been particularly influential on the expression of that trait over time as well.
B. Genetic Contribution. Choose one of the Big 5 traits and describe the extent to which it is present in your immediate and extended family. Do you ever hear…”You are just like your great ….”? Is there a family tendency toward conscientiousness? Or high agreeableness? Or neurotocism? Describe the tendencies and provide examples. Next consider how environmental factors would interact with potential genetic contributors to influence the expression of the trait.
**Must use sources from the United States**

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